It’s here! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is here.

Homecoming is the high school Spider-Man movie we’ve always wanted. The plot takes place two months aver Civil War, Peter is getting used to his life as Spider-Man and has hopes of joining The Avengers, if he can get a call back from Happy Hogan of course! At the age of 15, you have a lot going on; school, parties, girls and for our friendly neighborhood hero – villians. This movie has a lot of them, the big bad being Michael Keaton’s The Vulture! With the plan of stealing alien tech to make a fortune, The Vulture is Peter’s toughest challenge yet but with some help from Iron Man – Spider-Man might just stand a chance.

First things first, I need to talk about how fun this movie is! It’s witty, fast paced and it’s got a whole lot of heart and I was sat there eyes wide open my cheeks were hurting from smiling throughout. I feel this is down to a lot of things; this movie nailed everything from director to casting – from writing to costume designer, I loved all of it. Jon Watts does a great job of stringing puppy dog high school drama and kick ass action together; we’ve not seen a superhero movie like this before – It’s exactly what we sold Spider-Man by way of John Hughes. Think Ferris Bueller with super powers and I am fully on board.

The script and story were pulled straight from the comics, without having to rely on one real arc. The story pulls from years of lore, everything from the Lee and Ditko days up to Bendis’ Ultimate’s run. Written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Horrible Bosses and Vacation) after looking at their previous movies, I would’ve never guessed that they could of given us our best Spider-Man movie yet but they’re clearly big fans of the character and the series as a whole giving fans a number of easter eggs and big reveals that will make fans squeal.

Now, a big reason for this being such an amazing Spider-Man movie (haha, get it) is the casting and this ensemble cast is definitely not short of amazing performances! Tom Holland finally does the impossible and nails both Peter and his alter ego in a really charming yet vulnerable way. Michael Keaton is the most menacing he’s ever been (THIS MAN WAS BATMAN AND HE’S STILL SCARIER HERE) he pulls off the super villain role perfectly, but a villain is nothing without his motivations and I feel like we see a lot of this through his portrayal.

We also get the return of RDJ as Tony Stark, I was initially really anxious about this not because of his performance but because of his screen time; I didn’t want this to become an Iron Man 4 – it most certainly wasn’t and Stark is used perfectly as a mentor and at sometimes a father figure his and Peter’s relationship offered some of the more emotional moments of the movie for me. Of course we can’t get Tony Stark without some Happy Hogan, Homecoming marks the return of John Favreau’s Hogan and he’s dotted throughout the movie and it’s probably my favourite use of the character. Rounding out the big names of the movie – Marisa To frickin Mei (that’s Marisa Tomei for anybody who didn’t catch that) as Aunt May* is good, probably the least utilised character but I think they’ve got plans for her in the sequel, I love her and Peter’s relationship so I’ll be excited to see where that goes and I’d enjoy a Uncle Ben reference or flashback.

Now, a few lesser known actor’s who absolutely killed it – First of Zendaya, once again not a big of Homecoming but no doubt there’ll be plans for the sequel. This girl is everything a high schooler would wanna be, she’s smart, funny, beautiful and hard as nails; we don’t know much about her character yet so it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll work out. We then have the perfect douchebag Flash Thompson; played surprisingly well by Tony Revolori who I’ve been a big fan of for a while now. The big breakout for me though was Jacob Batalon who plays Ned, Peter’s best friend and confident he is hilarious a true scene stealer and is the reason behind a lot of big laughs. Also, Laura Harrier does a great job as Peter’s wannabe High School sweetheart Liz.

FINALLY – We have Donald Glover who plays criminal Aaron Davis! Although in the movie for about 5 minutes steals one of the movies best moments! Which I really wanna talk about it but I’ll leave it as it’s minor spoilers – I just really hope we see him and his nephew *wink wink* soon. Finishing off this massive cast we also have small appearances from the always funny Martin Starr and one of my favourite comedians Hannibal Buress, Logan Marshall-Green (The poor man’s Tom Hardy/ Trey from The O.C.), Bokeem Woodbine and OITNB alum Selenis Leyva and Michael Chernus (Piper’s hilarious brother).

Basically, what I’m trying to say is the entire cast of this movie is great and there’s a lot of people in there I don’t think I even mentioned. The music in this movie is also awesome, they mix the old with the new composing wise and there’s this great jukebox soundtrack. The action set pieces look great and one looks really grounded and brutal and then there’s the insane one where Spider-Man is literally hanging off of a plane. The humor is constant but never wears thin, this time they really nailed the awkwardness and super peppiness of Spider-Man. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I can say about this movie without giving a lot away – basically I love it and it might be my favourite Spidey movie (I’m a big Amazing Spider-Man fan) and I cannot wait to see more.

If you’re a human being you’re probably gonna end up seeing this movie at some point and it is so worth it and I am so excited to see it again.

*I cannot believe we live in a world where Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May, good lord. *heart eyes emoji*


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