SDCC 2017 Highlights

Justice League and the DCEU
The biggest DC movie of all time is just around the corner – this November we get Justice League and Warner Bro’s and basically the entire human race need for this to be a hit! And as this trailer shows, damn this movie looks good – not only good, but fun? Which the DCEU desperately needs. Before the con rumours arose that Ben Affleck was on his way out and WB were doing everything they can to usher him out without rebooting the franchise, this sent fans into a riot – many have cited Affleck’s Batman as the highlight of the DC series so far. Affleck was quick to dismiss the claims by saying how fucking awesome it is being Batman and that he can’t wait for Matt Revees’ The Batman to get underway. We also got a new bad ass poster.jlposter-720x1109

After SDCC – I am very excited for the League to finally untie and cannot wait to see what Zack Snyder has created (wow, never really thought I’d say that).

Along with all the JL stuff we got a few bits and bobs about the Aquaman including the first bit of footage – which DC have confirmed will not be put online, which is understandable with the movie not being released until December 2018.

Now my favourite bit of news; DC’s upcoming slate! We have – Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, Shazam! and the highlight FLASHPOINT. Fuck. That’s the best thing DC could do, the series has been consistently criticized for it’s casting and Flashpoint would be the perfect way to solve this and fix every issue the DCEU has. Plus – We’ll get a Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman, like c’mon? Perfect casting or what and a Lauren Cohan Joker which will be fun to see a female Joker – I was worried about The Flash in the DCEU but now it’s my most anticipated DC movie.

Stranger Things 2
The surprise cultural phenomenon of last year Stranger Things took the world by storm and the second season looks like it will go bigger and if possible better. The footage not only gives us a glimpse of the big bad but we get to catch up with some old friends – INCLUDING ELEVEN. Stranger Things was porbably my favourite show of 2016 and honestly I cannot wait to see what they’ve cooked up for season 2.



Ready Player One
A movie somewhat surrounded in mystery, we finally got our first glimpse of Spielberg’s next masterpiece. Ready Player One has become a pop culture bible with the movie taking hints from classic 80’s movies and drowned in 2000’s culture. I cannot believe this trailer, I haven’t read this book and I’m not sure I want to until I see this movie – this could be a return to form for the god of cinema.


The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones
As expected – we got a new trailer, poster and release date for the 8th season of The Walking Dead… which unfortunately, I am totally uninterested in. I gave up on season 7 about half way through and it’s been on my catch up list for too long and I don’t think I’ll ever fully return to it. Because of this I haven’t watched the below trailer because of spoilers, but I’ve heard a lot about the last shot and it gets me somewhat excited about the show. I’ll get to it… eventually!

Once again, unfortunately I haven’t watched the Game of Thrones trailer because I wanna keep season 7 in as much darkness as possible – but because I’m committed to you guys, I’ll link it below if you want to check it out.


Possibly the craziest movie that we got a glimpse of at Comic Con – David Ayer’s Netlflix movie Bright. This movie looks like Harry Potter meets The Departed and I cannot wait, although David Ayer didn’t fully hook me in with Suicide Squad, I’m a big big fan of End of Watch; so I think this will be a perfect fit for him – he gets the craziness of SS and the grittiness of End of Watch; perfect.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
A movie I initally rather disliked but has since grown on me is Kingsman, being the Mark Millar fan that I am I was hesitant of how this series would go – but the little footage we’ve seen of The Golden Circle has been pretty bad ass and it’s left me wanting more, the cast has doubled and only gotten more impressive and I cannot wait until September to see this – but anyway, here’s something fun that Fox put together.


The big boys of comic-con Marvel Studios, didn’t drop that much last weekend – but it was enough! Similar to D23 we got the first glimpse at Infinity War, they showed the short teaser trailer that I don’t think we’ll get until Ragnarok – but as an SDCC exclusive we got a concept art poster (similar to AOU) and it looks beautiful. BEARDED CAP. BLONDE BLACK WIDOW. SECRET AVENGERS? SCARLET WITCH AND VISION? THOR AND THE GUARDIANS. THE CHILDREN OF THANOS. I AM SO ON BOARD.

On the small screen – we got a new trailer for The Defenders (hopefully the last) and fans were treated to the first episode. I cannot wait, I still haven’t finished Iron Fist – but I’m very excited to see this Netflix-verse come together.

We got a new glimpse at The Black Panther (no footage online) but we did get a poster.

bpposter2017With Black Panther still 8 months out there was not much of an update from Wakanda.

We got some surprising details about Captain Marvel, it’s going to be set in the 90’s – NICK FURY WILL HAVE TWO EYES. And the enemy? The shapeshifting Skrull! If people weren’t excited enough for Marvel’s first female led movie this is 100% gonna get them on board.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is nearing production and we got our cast including super stars Michelle Pfeiffer (THE GOLDEN AGE WASP) and Laurence Fishburne. These two are great additions to the cast and Pfeiffer’s casting is incredibly interesting, now we know we’re getting a look at the original wasp.

Now just when you think Marvel is all out of things to give – they drop this, I mean CMON. If you’d of told my 5 years ago that I’d be this excited for a Thor movie I would’ve called you crazy, but this movie gets better with every bit of news and it’s clear Taika Waititi knows what he’s doing. Also, BOOM PSYCHEDELIC POSTER.



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