SDCC 2017 Highlights Justice League and the DCEU The biggest DC movie of all time is just around the corner - this November we get Justice League and Warner Bro's and basically the entire human race need for this to be a hit! And as this trailer shows, damn this movie looks good - not only good,... Continue Reading →



Friends from College is Netflix's latest endeavour and it's a great premise... unfortunately it's poorly executed. The series focuses on six friends from college - Keegan Michael Key's Ethan and his wife Lisa (Cobie Smulders) moving from Chicago back to New York and reuniting with their college friends including Ethan's first love Sam (Annie Parisse)... Continue Reading →

D23 2017 – ROUND UP

So, D23 took place over the weekend and what Disney or movie fan would I be if I didn't break some of my highlights down for y'all.We of course got a lot of news regarding Marvel, Star Wars and everything in between -we got a lot of casting news from Disney's current live action movie... Continue Reading →


I may or may not be a big Despicable Me fan (I am) and I actually, really enjoy th first two movies and they're probably some of the best kids movies of the last few years. Yes, I even liked Minions to some extent. Unfortunately, Despicable Me 3 didn't cut it for me. The story... Continue Reading →


Okja is probably Netflix's biggest movie to date - premiering at Cannes earlier this year and a budget of $50 million. It's also probably it's best movie to date! Although, I am yet to watch the majority of the Original movies. It tells the story of Mija and her best friend Okja; who just so... Continue Reading →


Glow was released this weekend - Netflix's next big series from the producers of Orange is the New Black, starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron. Because of this and because Netflix is an all consuming binge machine, I thought I'd talk about my favourite Netflix Original Series'. Starting with House of Cards back in 2013,... Continue Reading →

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